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Computer Go Wiki - Welcome!

This Wiki has been created with a focus of the Computer Go Server in mind. This is to allow the Computer Go Server community an easy place to store information and updates that become available and share knowledge in a more permanent/searchable way than is possible through mail archives, and in a speedier way than is possible for the main website owner (Don Dailey) to carry out on their own. Go ahead and hit the EDIT button (top right) to add/modify content.

Getting Started With the Computer Go Server

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The main webpage does not always have the latest information on it. This section of the wiki is intended to allow the community to share tips for new users (which I am at the time of writing - 5-Sep-2010).

Useful CGOS Pages

Worth looking at these first:

Viewer Client

The current Windows viewing client (cgosview-win32.exe) is easy to use and has a nice simple user interface. Click here for help getting started with the viewer.

CGOS View Windows GUI

GTP Engine Client

The current Windows GTP Engine client (cgosGtp.exe): click here for help getting started with the GTP engine client.

Creating An Account

In order to run a go playing program on the server, you will need a login. To create a login, the login name specified in the GTP engine config file must be one that has not been used before. The password is set on first login. Thereafter subsequent logins must use the same password. Therefore if you pick a login name somebody else has used you will get an authentication failure. E.g. "gnogotest" has already been taken.

CGOS Standard Engine Packs

In order to provide a more stable rating system, a pack of standard engines has been produced. See the CGOS Standard Engine Packs wiki page.

Links To Player's Websites

There is currently a lack of information on the various bots playing each other on the site. The following Sensei's library pages help with this to an extent:

However there are no download links etc. If you know of any details, especially any websites associated with particular competitors, please do add them below. Thanks!

Types Of Computer Go Tournament

See the Types of Computer Go Tournament page.


See the Go Text Protocol wiki page.

Computer Go

General pages about computer go / baduk / weiqui:

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